Video: Day Seven, Monterosso al Mare

On Day Seven, we arrived at Monterosso al Mare in Cinque Terre, Italy: watch this video to experience this beautiful seaside town with lots of seashells, umbrellas, colors, great seafood, and places to explore.

Music: Happy Mandolin by Media Production Rights


Video: Palazzo Leopoldo & Radda in Chianti

Take a tour through the Palazzo Leopoldo Hotel, with beautiful views off the patio, lovely furniture, welcoming pool area, and a mouthwatering breakfast. Then, take a step outside into the town of Radda in Chianti, Italy, where charming restaurants, gelato, parks, sidewalks, and sunsets await. We loved our stay here!

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Video: Day Five, Florence

A sunny day in Florence, including sights of the city from above, shopping for leather goods, seeing beautiful statues and the famous Duomo, eating spectacular steak Florentine at Il Latina for lunch, and walking along the river Arno! This was one of our favorite shopping excursions, since we were able to peruse the leather goods at a store recommended to us by our friends the Dews. A delightful salesman named Sam helped us pick out our favorite wallets and purses. The store is called “Pelletteria,” if anyone is going to Florence anytime soon!

Music: Morning Stroll by Josh Kirsch accessed from YouTube Audio Library

Video: Day Four, Barone Ricasoli Castle

Here are the highlights from our tour of the Barone Ricasoli Castle in Chianti as well as dinner featuring their wines. Apparently, Barone Ricasoli invented Chianti wine, so cheers to him! Look out for beautiful views of Tuscany from the castle wall, a cannon-ball dented side of the castle, and a family crypt.

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Video: Day Eighteen, Ring of Kerry

Our windy and cloudy day exploring the Ring of Kerry in Ireland with our wonderful driver Barry O’Rourke! (If you are going to Ireland, I highly recommend seeing the Ring of Kerry and booking Barry as a driver! His website is here and his reviews on TripAdvisor are here.) Watch for beautiful views of Ireland – the coast, the towns, the forests. Also, catch our favorite Star Wars moment of the trip in this video.

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