Video and Blog: Day One

Buongiorno! This is Kali writing for the To Go Kupps.

We boarded a plane yesterday (or two days ago?) in Orlando. It was not an uneventful time getting to Rome; my hair apparently is a great place for explosives, because I set off the security detector in TSA, and they had to check the back of my shirt. I made it through. Florida sported its temperamental weather personality and started storming, thus delaying our flight. Due to this delay, we had to sprint through the JFK airport to our connecting flight. Just for funsies, the Alitalia flight to Rome was in another terminal than our Delta flight, and we had less than an hour to get there.

Since we knew JFK so well, we were relaxed. Just kidding, we knew nothing about the airport, so we quickly set off like confused mice, and our panic increased as we realized we had to switch terminals, catch a bus, and go through security AGAIN. Luckily, a savior in the form of an escort at the Air Alitalia desk blazed the way through the airport for us, while I ran over people’s feet with my luggage (sorry not sorry). After almost forgetting a suitcase in the TSA line, we made it to the plane.

Eight hours were spent sporting a neck pillow, then we made it to Roma! Our two checked bags did not make to Italy, understandably, seeing as we barely made our flight. Good thing is, we had most essentials with us, and I am really only missing my makeup and toiletries (but hey, those aren’t essential to a girl’s routine, am I right?). We met up with our wonderful driver, Marcello, after filing our “lost luggage” case, who drove us to our Hotel Cortina. Tucked downtown up in a building, I would have never been able to find it if mom hadn’t read on Yelp that you look for a little door, go in, take a “temperamental elevator,” and viola, welcome to quaint little Hotel Cortina. We may take up half the rooms here. There is an amazing little espresso bar and super friendly staff. The keys are fun too.

While we pushed through jet-lag, Marcello took us all around the outskirts of Rome to see some of the most famous sights; first to the Catacombs, which belong to the Vatican, and hold much of the Christian history of Rome in their walls. No pictures were allowed below (sorry), but it was like underground tunnels with coffin sized holes in the walls, painted frescos, incense pots, Christian graffiti, and lots of interconnected chambers. We then went to the aqueducts, which went from the mountains all the way to the city back in the day, and truly are a feat of engineering. We walked the Appian way, one of Rome’s oldest roads, where you can see the grooves from Chariot’s wheels. Marcello drove us past many sites in the city; old historic buildings, statues of Italy’s important historical figures, fountains, and famous public squares. We of course had to stop for coffee and pizza, which were delicious and fresh and oh-so-Italian. We were dying laughing at the Italian man making our pizza; he wouldn’t stop goofing around with his co-workers, whether slapping them when they weren’t looking or pretending to slice off their head with his pizza cutter. The way they talked to each other was hilarious; I could listen all day.

All four of us Kupp kids tossed three coins in the Trevi fountain; three coins so that we would find eternal love. Maybe this will finally do it for us. Speaking of fountains, Marcello showed us a type of constantly-running fountain that is found all around the city, and you can plug it and drink it like a water fountain. I was delighted. I love water. I always have a water bottle, and Italy has really good water. Hydration!!! We had a delicious dinner at a place called Cotto, of which the Saltimbocca and Lasagna and breaded brie was delicious. Gelato followed. Yum.

Check out our video from Day One!



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