Pictures: Days Nine and Ten

On the morning of Day Nine, we shed a tear and buckled our seatbelts tightly as we left Monterosso al Mare and Cinque Terre, but we were happy since we were heading to Switzerland, as we call the “Motherland.” Since us Kupp kids are 25% Swiss, and we have relatives in Switzerland, we were anticipating this stop greatly! After a six hour drive, we crossed from Italy to Switzerland, and drove to Lucerne and to our hotel in Meggen. We had dinner with our lovely relatives, Max and Marianne, who hosted us in their home and cooked an amazing Swiss meal for us. The next morning, on Day Ten, we met another set of relatives – Charlotte and Gerhard – for a spot of lunch in Thun and a tour of Bern from their son, Samuel. They showed us old pictures of our grandparents, Granddad Al and Grandmom Alma, which was so special and priceless to us. Plus, we got to see great pictures of our dad when he was younger!!! He hasn’t changed much, minus the gray hair. In Bern, we got to see the “Bern Bears,” which just hang out in right in the city (with fences, of course). Switzerland is a postcard, and every corner is charming and scenic, as the pictures show.


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