Pictures: Day Twelve

We left the lovely Hotel Balm in Meggen, Switzerland to head to Zurich, where we said goodbye to the eldest Kupp kid (Alex). He left us to go spearfishing in the Bahamas – so not completely lame, but we were going to miss him. It’s never the same not having a table of six! Today we saw the Lion Monument (or Lion of Lucerne), which was built to remember the Swiss Guards massacred in the French Revolution; it was a beautiful and sad sculpture carved straight into the rock face. Mark Twain commented that it was “the most mournful and moving piece of stone in the world.” (We found out Mark Twain visited Switzerland a good bit!)

We drove to Zurich, and had lunch in a local spot called Cafe Restaurant Obergass (why be one thing when you can be two? A lot of hotels in Switzerland had the same idea, with lots of names like “Hotel Restaurant Cowbell” or something). We had the best stroganoff ever there, but sadly no one got schnitzel. Jake struggled with the wifi password. Then, we walked the streets of Winterthur, which is an area right outside of Zurich, and found a really impressive church. We also visited a museum highly rated on Trip Advisor (where we inadvertently and precariously parked). It was called Kunstmuseum Winterthur, and housed several Picassos and Monets, most famously to me the lily pad painting (which has a fancier name than the lily pad painting). There was also a painting of squares I recognized, one that Carson said “made him mad” because it was so simple. There were some interesting exhibitions as well (more modern and more along the lines of putting a piece of paper in a glass box); one was called “Nothing Should Exist,” and was a bit weird. At one point there was a piece of wood that was supposed to represent a child? And a video of a guy yelling on a stage? If you watch Parks and Rec, it reminded me of Orin’s work. Well – art is art! We went to our hotel, where I found myself a rad pull-your-mattress-out-of-a-cabinet-in-the-wall bed and promptly took a nap. Then, we ended the night with pizza.



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