Pictures: Day Fifteen

Today, we took off on a tour bus with the “Rabbie’s” Tour Company and a super fun tour guide named Steve! A little about Steve: he is really good at sound effects (like cannons booming), and narrates stories with different character’s voices. After almost leaving dad behind in the cafe bathroom, we took off for the Villages of Fife, including Anstruther, as well as St. Andrew’s and Falkland. The first stop Steve took us to was overlooking three bridges, which were important for their architecture, since one was the model for the Eiffel Tower’s architecture. These bridges replaced a bridge that tragically collapsed, killing a bus of people, and the architect (named Bouch) was to blame. This is where we get the phrase “a botched job,” according to Steve. Next, we stopped at Anstruther, a little fishing village where we walked by the ocean, drank a coffee, and touched the North Sea. Then, on to St. Andrew’s, the golfer’s dream! We spent three hours here, jaunting about the course, buying lots of merchandise, and taking pictures on the small, famous bridge. I was excited about seeing ducklings in the little creek that runs through the course. I’ve never golfed, but I appreciate how hard it would be in those absolutely windy conditions.

On the bus, we met fellow Clemson Tigers, the Streeter family – it’s small and orange world after all! They were taking a family vacation as well, and I feel like I met a celebrity since the father was one of the coaches on the football team. They were a super nice family (of course they were, they’re a Clemson Family!) and we took a Tiger Rag pic to commemorate the event.

We ate lunch in town and experience a landmark event in our culinary lives: sticky toffee pudding. Oh. My. None shall be as good as that first taste of sticky toffee pudding.

For those of you who aren’t golfers, or for those of you that had a full English tea while watching the Royal Wedding, there is something else compelling about St. Andrews: the love story of William and Kate! They met at the university and the rest is history. I could imagine them walking the streets with Kate’s perfect hair being tousled by the wind. We also saw the cathedral, which held a fascinating and dynamic cemetery with the framing of the old structure. Not without some panic about the tour bus leaving us, we made it back to our vehicle and Steve to make our way to Falkland. This place is famous for both its Royal Palace as well as being the filming location for the Outlander series adaptation (a book series many people have told me to read, and now feel like I must!). Mary Queen of Scots stayed at the palace at one point, and the place is still in use by some royal family. After touring, we stopped in a dual coffee cafe/pub for a pint and a cappuccino (for our different cravings). There was a man playing the acoustic guitar in the pub, which added to the lovely low stone ceiling and general Scottish atmosphere. We made our way back to Edinburgh, and had dinner at the Whiski Rooms, which turned out to be one of our best meals (even though they were out of Steak!! A crisis for our family).


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