Pictures: Day Fourteen

Today, we hopped back on our red bus and toured the Edinburgh Castle. It was rainy (but of course!) and very crowded, but also a fascinating tour. We got the sweet audio headsets to guide us along, and saw giant cannons and a Dog Cemetery. When we got to the crown jewels, we found out that they had taken the actual Crown that morning to be used in a ceremony. Later on, we saw the police car bring it back. Just missed it! We were also able to see the changing of the guards and the one o’clock cannon boom. Back in the day, the cannon signaled the time for the workers down at the docks; why one o’clock you ask? One o’clock is cheaper to signal than twelve o’clock, since there is only one shot fired. Smart one, Scotland!

After our castle tour, we shopped on the “Royal Mile,” and Carson found a photo op with an owl. Classic. Mom and I bought scarves with fun tartan prints. We had lunch at the Beehive Inn, a fun pub with a lively atmosphere, and had more fish and chips as well as some sort of meat pie thing. On my bucket list to visit next was the Elephant Room coffee café where JK Rowling wrote some of the Harry Potter books; it was packed, and we had no cash to buy anything, but hey, we saw it and could imagine her creative inspiration happening with a pen and paper and coffee in hand! Plus, the graffiti in the bathroom was super inspiring and all Harry Potter themed. Then we split, the boys going to hike the mountainous park right outside the city, and the girls going back to the hotel for Afternoon Tea. Because scones and clotted cream had to be consumed! Jake, Carson, and I attempted our “Hotel HIIT Workout” in the room, which was a challenge because we had three twin beds in a very small space. Burpees aren’t easy to do with 2 feet of carpeted floor. We made it work though, which was good because of the shortbread cookies. That night, we roamed around for some food that wasn’t fish and chips or in a super crowded pub, and found an American Style place where dad got Fajitas. It was actually very good!


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