Video: Day Seven, Monterosso al Mare

On Day Seven, we arrived at Monterosso al Mare in Cinque Terre, Italy: watch this video to experience this beautiful seaside town with lots of seashells, umbrellas, colors, great seafood, and places to explore.

Music: Happy Mandolin by Media Production Rights


Pictures: Day Seven

We said goodbye to the charming Palazzo Leopoldo today. The rest of the day was spent driving to Cinque Terre from Radda, but after some difficulty involving cliffs and a giant van, we arrived in Monterosso al Mare! We ate at a local spot specializing in focaccia bread, which apparently was invented here. We then dispersed and took naps, went to the beach, worked out, etc. We ate dinner at our hotel’s satellite restaurant, Miky’s, and walked around the beautiful seaside town.