Video: Palazzo Leopoldo & Radda in Chianti

Take a tour through the Palazzo Leopoldo Hotel, with beautiful views off the patio, lovely furniture, welcoming pool area, and a mouthwatering breakfast. Then, take a step outside into the town of Radda in Chianti, Italy, where charming restaurants, gelato, parks, sidewalks, and sunsets await. We loved our stay here!

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Video: Day Four, Barone Ricasoli Castle

Here are the highlights from our tour of the Barone Ricasoli Castle in Chianti as well as dinner featuring their wines. Apparently, Barone Ricasoli invented Chianti wine, so cheers to him! Look out for beautiful views of Tuscany from the castle wall, a cannon-ball dented side of the castle, and a family crypt.

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Pictures: Day Six

After another wonderful morning waking up at Palazzo Leopoldo, we set off for a tour of the Tenuta Torciano Winery & Vineyards in San Gimignano,  with the charismatic owner of the vineyard, Pierre Luigi. Then followed a wine tasting with the best lasagna we’ve ever had. We headed back to Radda where we rented Vespas – or scoot scoots, as Alex and Jake call them – to tour around with. Kali was scared of the sharp turns and hills, and her and mom opted out after an hour to have gelato and cappucinos. It was a good call. We found a beautiful terrace dining spot called Ristorante Terrazzo where we had dinner, so it was a good day. Also, Jake got a little bored on the car ride back while we were sleeping, that mischievous little booger.

Pictures: Day Four

We took our time eating a delicious breakfast at Palazzo Leopoldo, got a late start, and decided to drive to neighboring towns. First was Castellina de Chianti, which we loved; we ate in Greve, which was not as scenic as Castellini; then we ended in Panzono, which had a cool church and scenic overlooks. In the evening, we toured the Baron Ricasoli Castle in Gaiole, where Chianti wine was invented. There, we ate dinner with a wine tasting.

Pictures: Day Three

On the third day of our trip, we continued our Italian adventure, leaving Rome (after eating our last delightful breakfast at the Hotel Cortina) and heading for Tuscany in a large Fiat van I call “the Death Cube.” On the way, we stopped by a gem of a city called “Civita di Bagnoregia.” It is sometimes called the “Dying City” since it is largely uninhabited and apparently after they built it, it started falling apart, making it unsafe. It was one of the most spectacular places we have ever been. We then headed to our hotel in Radda (in Chianti, Tuscany) called “Palazzo Leopoldo,” which was an old manor home turned hotel that is historic, charming, and has an amazing view nestled in the middle of Radda. We toured the town, watched the sunset, and ate a delicious dinner at Bar Dante.